24 ounce Kanberra Gel Refill Pouch

24 ounce Kanberra Gel Refill Pouch

Buy 24 ounce refill container, re-use your Kanberra Gel container and SAVE!!

SAVE 58% - 1oz & 2oz containers

SAVE 48% - 4oz container

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How does Kanberra Gel® work?

At the micro-biotic level, the air itself absorbs the pharmaceutical grade oils. As the air circulates and lands on the source (the mold, mildew, etc.), Kanberra Gel® begins neutralizing and eliminating problems, and associated odors, on contact. It does so naturally, with no chemicals. Most importantly, the use of Kanberra Gel® acts as a preventive program against these problems for up to 45 days after there is no longer gel in the container.